Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Sewing with others.

Hello my friends.
First I would like to welcome my new followers.
This is lovely. I also joined Instagram
and have my profile to do there.:)
Busy time`s.
I am sewing Lori Holt of 
Lori had this as SAL in 2016.
Cheryll   https://stitchingcubbyhole.blogspot.com/
Has started one for a few of us.
I brought the template set and using from my stash.
Block 1

Still to applique on but as yet while putting things away
in new sewing unit my bag with needle turn threads 
has not appeared. In due course it will.
This is safe on Lori`s board that I made.

After setting up machines I finished last month`s
Delbrook block.
My other sewing is in one of the draws that I have set aside
 for my projects on the machine to do.
So watch this space.
Happy Stitching,

Sunday, 6 January 2019

Quilting Table.

Hello my friends.
My Hubby built this quilting unit for me.
This side my Bernina is set up.
The cutting board is on top of quilting table for good cutting height.   

The other side has the new Pfaff  ready for use only needs plugging in. 

This side show the overlocker on it`s shelf.
Plus the draw space.
Still some things to put away in them.

Well a little more furniture to arrange and I hope to sew tomorrow.
Happy Stitching,

Tuesday, 1 January 2019


Happy New Year my friends.
We had a very quiet New Years Eve,
and today is the same.
Hubby has gone to the river to fish.
I have been moving things around now wallpapering done.
So pleased that`s done!
Thursday we will be going to get the top for my quilting Unit.
Plus the handles for the draws,then things in the end bedroom 
can be stored in these.
Any machine sewing has been on hold,so in a bag waiting.
Hope to be sewing again by the weekend.
It will be nice to have that as a bedroom again!

This lovely BBD `Merrily Merrily we welcome Spring`
 is my New Years day start.
This is being stitched with recommended fabric and threads. 
I am stitching along quite nicely with this 
but have the fan going as it`s so hot.

My progress so far.

`Noel Sampler` by Brenda Gervais
I like to start a new piece on Christmas Day if time allows.
This was started Christmas Day after tea.
I have been stitching this till today.
It is stitched on 35ct White Chocolate. So looking at
changing a few shade`s so will show up.
I had this in my stash and using DMC. 
Well I have a few things to sort then back to my stitching.
Happy Stitching,

Monday, 24 December 2018

Merry Christmas

Hello My friends.
My banner hung.
`Merry Christmas`
I needed to get back to fit it all in!
New wallpaper up in that area.:)

A close up of the letters put together.

My ornament from my friend Katrina.
Cute little bird.

This wreath `Noel` from my friend Kath.

Love both of these ornaments.

Hubby made these from an old Totara post.
So cool.
Enjoy your Christmas time.
Happy Stitching,

Sunday, 23 December 2018

Taking a little time.

Hello my friends.
I put a little bit of time aside from either wallpapering
 or Christmas stitching, to stitch a little on my
 `I belong to a Cross stitch nation.` 

Another flower,the word `Cross` and changed little man`s hair.

This Shepherd`s Bush Stocking is for our youngest grandson.

A couple of table runner`s for gifts. 

The links to others that are doing the SAL with a difference.
Merry Christmas.
I hope there is some stitching time in your day.

Thursday, 20 December 2018

Ornaments stitched

Hello my friends.
 Here are two ornaments I have finished.

From the 2011 JCS Christmas Ornament magazine.
Christmas Tree Cat,
by Briittercup Designs.
For the trim it`s Moda Vera Yoyo yarn.
Kath has this now.:)

Merry Christmas Drum.
By Wendy Peatross.
JCS Christmas Ornaments 2018 issue.

Once I had stitched design I counted 6 threads from the bottom 
and back stitched over 2 in green across. At the top I counted 10 threads
back stitching again. This helped with the button hole stitch I used to
join the top and bottom pieces which are plastic circles covered with wool felt.
The top circle has a hole in it so the ribbon could come through for hanging.
The drum sticks are burnt match sticks,washed,with beads attached with sticky glue.
I am so pleased with this.
Well back on with my day, part of which is carrying on wallpapering.
Still haven`t found the first lot so with a few dollars off we paid $600 for more!
Happy Stitching, 

Sunday, 2 December 2018

A little Man

Hello my friends.
The flowers of a lemon tree.
I have not noticed these before,
they are so pretty.

The weeks have gone by so quickly.
Time to show my stitching for 
SAL with a difference.
I have stitched little man with mustard coat 
and blue tie and hat trim.
Not really a mustard girl but fits in well.

I have my Christmas stitching to carry on with,
plus we are putting up new wallpaper in dining and lounge.
Please visit with these other SAL stitchers.
Happy Stitching,